Mutant Modular - ATOF

110 EUR
Mutant Modular - ATOF
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Mutant Modular - ATOF

110 EUR
This is ATOF, a trigger machine module, based on arduino. Also have audio/envelopes/LFO capabilities with one PWM output that can be habilited via hardware.
***This module will be open firmware*** Please, feel free to share your programs, will be uploaded to our repository. Send to (
Lets make arduino community.

-6 trigger outs / 1 PWM out and 5 trigger
-2 CV/Trigger inputs
-2 status led
-1 push button
-1 control knob

-3U Eurorack module
-Width: 4HP / aluminium pannel
-Consumption : 12V : 26mA // -12V : 0mA

Package Includes:
x1 ATOF Module
x1 Ribbon power cable
x2 Hex M3 screws
x2 Nylon M3 washers

/Firmware installed:
Clocked random trigger.
With this firmware ATOF is a clock module, trigger 1 is the clock rate.
Trigger 2 to 6 are random clocked triggers.
Knob fully to CW the module runs with ext. clock on In1. with internal clock In1 works as a hold with CV/trigger inputs.